Ahoy! My name is Josh Withers.

I’m Luna’s dad, Britt‘s husband, and a wedding celebrant.

I like to share in my blog, in The Rebel’s Guide To Getting Married, on Twitter at @joshuawithers and Instagram for weddings at @hellojoshwithers and not work at @ahoyjoshwithers. If you’re more into Facebook I’m there too.

For celebrants Sarah and I created the Celebrant Institute and we host the Celebrant Talk Show podcast.

If you want to email me about being your celebrant send it to hello@joshwithers.com.au and if you want me for everything else type darylkerrigan@joshwithers.com.au into the ‘to’ field … if it’s super urgent you can iMessage me, or call, but really don’t call me, all I’ll have to do is return your call then play phone tag forever.

Finally, if you’re looking to purchase one of my favourite photos from 2020, check out the collection.

Josh Withers and Brittany Snow